Shipping & Guarantee

Shipping uses Overnight Shipping to send your Corals to your door. There is a Flat Rate Shipping Fee of $55 for each shipment; Orders over $300 earns you FREE Shipping. We take the great care to insure that your order is packed and shipped as soon as possible and it gets to you with all of its precious cargo ready to be acclimated to your tank. We review weather conditions at your zip code so our packers know exactly how many heat packs or cool packs to use…personalized for your location.
There is NO minimum order size…pick your products, and get them shipped FAST!
***NOTE: Due to poor weather conditions and delivery delays we will not ship-out corals during bad weather conditions that may cause delays. Thank you for understanding.
 Overnight Shipping offers Free Shipping on all coral orders over $300.


7-Day Livestock Guarantee

We do our best to ensure that every coral you see on our site is as healthy as can be. We use high quality shipping materials and excellent packing procedures to help ensure that your new livestock reaches your tank in great condition. Should you have an unfortunate loss within 7 days of receiving a coral, we will  issue you a store credit that can be applied towards any future order. The following Terms and Conditions apply to our livestock guarantee:

  • You will receive a store credit for the exact amount of the livestock lost during the Guarantee period, which can be applied to any future order. We do not issue credit card refunds.
  • To receive credit for an item, the livestock in question must actually be dead. A coral that has lost some of it’s color is not considered dead, as this is a normal occurrence with some corals due to shipping stress, etc. (please see below for more information).
  • You must report any losses to us within 24 hours via email to and include a picture of the dead animal. If you don’t have a digital camera we may ask you to mail back the dead animal, so please do not dispose of the dead item until you have talked to us.
  • You or someone else must sign for the delivery of your shipment on the first delivery attempt, otherwise our guarantee will be voided. We simply can’t guarantee livestock that isn’t delivered on the first attempt.
  • We ship using FedEx Overnight
  • Do not under any circumstances refuse a shipment. If a shipment is late, leaking, appears to be damaged, etc. you still must accept delivery on the first delivery attempt, otherwise our guarantee is voided. Our guarantee protects you from losses due to late delivery, damage, etc. – but only if you accept delivery on the first delivery attempt. There are NO exceptions to this policy.
  • To be covered under our guarantee, your tank must be fully cycled and you must adequately acclimate all livestock. You can find the proper acclimation procedures on our site, or don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions about acclimating new livestock.

Coloration is also dependent on shipping stress, water quality and other tank parameters we have no control over – so we can’t guarantee an exact color match in your tank. Rest assured however that as long as you have good lighting, good water chemistry and  stable temperature , most corals will retain or regain their coloration.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at