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Email us with any questions at-

To make an appointment to visit the coral grown in The City of Ventura, California text or call Jason @ 805-218-1799

We have many corals we have not yet listed on the website that are available at our shop.

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Jason wanted to tell you the site looks great! Pics are awesome. Love the new set up you have. Congrats hope business is popping for yay. 🙂 take care.
    Antonia Galante you ex employee lol

  2. Thank you Antonia! I hope all is well with you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I have bought from so many vendors over the years I lose count. This is NOT one to pass by on. Excellent specimens. Fully healed. Great size. It looks like he sends his best frags available at the time. The colours were just like the pictures. Polyp extension while in transit. Great packaging. Great communication. Great follow-up. Nice freebie. I really can’t say enough except don’t lose out not getting Jason’s corals…or send in special requests.
    Frank C. Aka “Cronamator”

  4. Thank you Frank!

  5. Hey there, was wondering if you had any torch or hammer corals I stock? Like 6 things on site and would like to add more.

  6. Hi Ryan,
    I do not have any torch corals, but I do have a green hammer coral available. I will make it in stock on the website. I also have a “champagne octospawn” available that is not listed on my website that I could do. If you are interested please email me at and I can arrange a price for you.

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