Purple Validia


It has thin branches and well spaced tubular corallites, the colony can reach a large size.

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Acropora corals have the Largest number of species in the small polyp stony world. These can be one of the most demanding and challenging corals to keep–but they can also be the most admiring and rewarding.

Frags will be about 3/4 inch tall.

Recommended Chemistry

Salinity: 1.026

KH: 8-8.5

Calcium: 400-430

Magnesium- 1300-1350

Phosphate: 0.01-0.03

Nitrate: 5-10

These parameters help them build their stony skeleton, and they’re hypersensitive to water chemistry changes.


Temperature: 77-79F

Light Intensity – High

Water Flow- High

Care- Moderate